Barefoot Mondays: Lemon Yogurt Cake

Happy Summer!

I am so happy that it is here. Summer does something to me…it gets me outside more, it brings out a more social side of me and it motivates me. You would think the heat would do the opposite, but I am a sun worshiper. I know we don’t like to turn our ovens on but what a better time to bake with these sunny yellow lemons…but first, a recap:


Right before the first day of summer, my “little” brother Douglas (who is a foot taller than me) graduated from high school. Time has gone by so fast…talk about a quarter life crisis…that aside, I am so incredibly proud of him.

He went from being the most annoying little brother out there…

highlights including:  being drenched with a garden hose, being chased around the house with a baseball bat, his slamming my hand in a door way, finding Oreos in my computer’s CD drive, my grandmothers potent perfume in my CD player and my favorite CDs melted in our heating vent…all pleasant memories, indeed. I fell victim to the terrible twos.

…to being a wonderful brother and friend.

photo (5)

Apparently he expended all of his torturing energy on me because despite being the tall kid in middle school, he was never a bully. If anything, he protected other kids from bullies.

He  grew up to be the exact opposite of that hyper, rambunctious and violent little brother that I remember.
Nowadays, he is calm, caring and kind. I call him the “gentle giant”.

Sure I can brag because he is my brother, but no doubt he is an incredibly talented  young man with a passion for film production. When he was applying to college, he told me that growing up, he never felt like the student type, but once he got to high school and got involved in the media program, he felt like he found his passion and it all came together for him.


He worked hard in school and worked after school at the local public TV station and at the media center at school, filming football games, conferences and events. He and his friends made a film which I just watched last night…it blew me away.

He was accepted to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he will be studying film!

On graduation night, I admit to tearing up, it’s such a big time in ones life, the end of an era and the beginning of a new.


My wonderful parents looked so proud, so happy. They supported him and believed in him all along.

My husband, Thomas (who has known Doug for 11 years –  since he was running around in his underwear singing Avril Lavigne strumming a kids guitar) was another proud supporter.

We love you Douglas, congratulations!


Bake this beautiful lemon yogurt cake for the recent grad in your life. Maybe they won’t tell it’s made with yogurt instead of butter. They have enough on their plate.


You can find the recipe here!

Or you could open Barefoot Contessa at Home to page 168

Garten, Ina. “Lemon yogurt cake” Recipe. Barefoot Contessa at home. New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2006. pp.168. Print.

{Stay Tuned}

<3 Cait

14 thoughts on “Barefoot Mondays: Lemon Yogurt Cake

    • Aw really? Yeah, we are 8 years apart, it’s tough! haha. I’m not crazy about yogurt, I really want to love it, but it made the cake really moist, hardly missed the butter at all :) thanks!

  1. Oh man, I may have to turn on the oven for that! It looks delicious.

    And congrats to your brother on graduating! My baby sister’s turning 13 this August, and that makes me feel old enough. I’ll be like thirty when she graduates high school and way past an allowed quarter life crisis. O.o

  2. What a sweet post Cait! How exciting for your brother and rare that he found his passion so young in life. Good for him!

    That cake looks amazing! I love anything lemon.

    • Thank you Kristin! I know, I hope life isn’t hard on him. I bet you would love lemon yogurt cake and you could photograph it beautifully! I love how you wrap your breads too, I have to try adding that extra touch!

  3. Great post, something about brothers & sisters becoming best friends after the age of 20 which never amazing me (I have 3 sisters). And one of my favorites growing up was Lemon Cake (and Lemon Meringue Pie). Cheers!

    • It is nice how that happens! Lemon meringue is my next project! I’ve never made it. Maybe it cupcake form… :) thank you Randall, your photography is breathtaking! Beautiful blog!

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