Barefoot Mondays: Mexican Hot Chocolate

I almost didn’t make it, but here I am, happy Barefoot Monday! Before it’s over! Let me write this quickly!

Who needs warm milk before bed when you could have hot chocolate? Mexican hot chocolate. This is good stuff. No really, it’s delicious.

My Mom invited Thomas and I over for dinner last Sunday night and I wanted to bring dessert. It was a rainy, cold day, the kind of day you feel like a hot bath, a cup of hot chocolate or both…

I was flipping through my cookbook and I found exactly what I was looking for:

mexican hot chocolate (1 of 1)

I first had this spicy, chocolatey, decadent drink one rainy, cold day a few winters ago after my shift ended at the local vet clinic I worked at. I stopped into the cafe close by and started to order a regular hot chocolate but saw a Mexican version on the menu. I never heard of it. I asked the barista what it was and she told me it was spicy with cinnamon, a little hint of cayenne pepper, amazing.

Of course, the early foodie in me said why not.

Mexican hot chocolate and I lived happily ever after.

mexicanhotchocolate (1 of 1)

Mrs. Garten’s recipe is spot on and it’s easy to make. I made it over my Mom’s, teaching my brother, the chocolate shake mixologist in our family how to recreate it. I brought fresh baked, bakery doughnuts and Italian cookies over for dipping, it was a big hit with the family. The perfect ending to my Mom’s delicious chicken cacciatore!

You can find the recipe here!

– – – –

I wanted to show you guys a sneak peak from my first engagement and maternity photo shoots. I’ve been wanting to practice portraits, “human photography” as I call it and I found the perfect subjects. They were naturals!

Both days were beautiful with stunning scenery,

A couple who couldn’t be more in love,

dance (1 of 1)

A natural beauty with a baby on the way,

4 (1 of 1)

Thank you guys for being my firsts <3

…and I promise your photos are on their way!

More to come :)

{ Stay Tuned, next Monday:}

Lemon Fusilli with Arugula & the magical place called Whole Foods

lemonfusilli (1 of 1)

7 thoughts on “Barefoot Mondays: Mexican Hot Chocolate

  1. Beautiful photos! Also, Mexican hot chocolate sounds like just what I need on a rainy day like today.. especially with one of those cinnamon stick straws. : )

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