Barefoot Mondays: Roasted Asparagus & Prosciutto and SoMo @ the Middle East

Hey guys! I had a great week and I really hope you did too!

So what was so great about it? Well first it started out with a really great breakfast. The most important meal of the day, right? Well of course it is because I never really have it. I have been an iced coffee and marble loaf (yeah, that’s pound cake) kind of girl for awhile now.


Ina Garten would probably tell me that I was missing out on some pretty amazing dishes, strawberry scones, some caramalized bacon…or this delicious and decadent dish, her roasted asparagus & prosciutto.

After a big sip of coffee, I peeled the stalks like she recommends and cut the ends off all at once. There’s just something so gratifying about taking a sharp knife and cutting the ends off a fist full of asparagus…not sure why.


I lined them up on a baking sheet, drizzled them with some good olive oil and sprinkled kosher salt and cracked black pepper all over them and popped them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes. While they were in there, I placed thin sheets of prosciutto on another baking sheet and put them in with the asparagus for the last 5 minutes.

It reminds me of Ree Drummond’s Oven-Roasted Asparagus, the first time I discovered the Pioneer Woman and Pinterest…needless to say, it was a distracting time. Well, I always cook asparagus this way and it’s delicious every time. Roasting vegetables is a great technique to know. If you haven’t already tried it, please do!

asparagus and eggs (1 of 1)

While those were cooking, I cracked my eggs in a skillet and tried my best to make a pretty egg, sunny side up. I combined the rest of the ingredients into a blender and made homemade hollandaise sauce.

“How easy was that?”

breakfast (1 of 1)

Honestly, I’m really not crazy about hollandaise sauce, so I usually avoid it all costs, but Ina’s version was great. She puts freshly squeezed lemon juice in hers and I think it helped to soften the stick of butter taste.

Whether you are a hollandaise lover or hater, give it a second try! It’s a beautiful breakfast for two.

You can find the recipe here!

Or in:

Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes you can trust on pp. 104-107

Garten, Ina. “Roasted asparagus & prosciutto” & “Easy hollandaise sauce” Recipe. Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes you can trust. New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2012. pp.104-107. Print.

– – –

So it get’s better,

SoMo came to the Middle East in my hometown, Cambridge, Massachusetts all the way from Texas this week!

It started off on a rocky start…

…because I wore these shoes, my tallest, pointiest heels…to a concert…I must be crazy, but it was date night!

heels (1 of 1)

I brought along my husband who has had to hear about SoMo every sunday for AWHILE now and gets to read his lyrics every time he goes down our stairs:


We had such a fun time. All of SoMo’s opening acts were fantastic. I love rap, (a saying that usually shocks people) so I really enjoyed it.

Nick Luebke, who is opening for SoMo in the Show Off Tour has the perfect summer songs and a huge stage presence, check him out! I’ve been listening to his EP, The Search all weekend. It seems as though he is going through a quarter life crisis of his own, the end of the road, the end of college, what’s next…I love it.

I also saw his tour photographer, Paul Weaver, who recently worked with another big favorite of mine, Macklemore!

I’m starting to sound like a stalker aren’t I? I swear I didn’t cry at this concert.

Never heard of Joseph Somers, a.k.a SoMo? Well let me warn you, you’re about to fall in love with this voice.

SoMo Ride

I’ve been following SoMo for a long time now. I got hooked on his medleys, in which he pairs up with his talented musician Cody Tarpley and sings a mash up of songs by one artist. My personal favorite, his Drake Medley has over 3 million hits to date. If anyone deserves to hit it big, it’s this guy.

Want so see him for yourself? Watch his new music video, Ride, a song off his album, My Life.

Every Sunday, no matter what…even on tour…he posts a cover or an original song on his Youtube Channel. If you see #SoMoSunday on Twitter, an anticipated video is on its way.This past SoMo Sunday he covered Lana Del Ray’s “Young & Beautiful” , it’s my new favorite,  he nailed it.

It’s fitting because when I blog, I always listen to music and in the beginning I tried Pandora but I get bored with music quickly, especially if it’s something I have already heard a million times. I tried listening to my playlists, but no sparks. Then I put SoMo’s Youtube Channel on and let it play. His voice is just so calming to me. It helps me to write. It can be fun, it can be emotional, no matter what the mood is, he sets it.

Middle East Upstairs (1 of 1)

Not only is he incredibly talented but he seems like a pretty sweet guy too. I mean, I haven’t met him but from afar he has some great qualities.

You can tell that he loves his Mom, “Mama SoMo” tremendously, whether it be to warn her of some curse words…when things are about to get pretty sexy on a  particular “Somo Sunday” or he posts a song he sang for her when he was a little boy, it just melts my heart. Plus, he has a dog.

He mentioned you at the concert, Mama Somo, just so you know! ;)

Ps. Thank you so much, Mama SoMo for your sweet encouraging words, it certainly made my day!

SoMo (1 of 1)

When I was a young teen I was obsessed with the band, O-Town. I still am and will always be a die hard fan. I started following them on MTV’s Making the Band, where we got to view the trials and tribulations of forming a boy band, performing live, making a cd and ultimately handling fame. They had such passion, drive and commitment, the unwillingness to fail – feelings and values which inspired me and I think can be applied to any goal in life.

I followed O-Town throughout their career, through two albums, through solo projects and Ashley Parker Angel’s “There and Back”. I got to meet him at the Kiss concert on his solo tour the day after my senior prom…my hair still done up in curls, thinking, yeah, it’s a good hair moment to meet my celebrity crush…

12 years later, when I need some encouragement, I put on an O-Town song and my 13 year old, driven self tells me it’s going to be okay.

So, I root for the underdog. Not to say SoMo is an underdog but he’s about to hit it big and I’ll be rooting for him the whole time.

{ Stay Tuned, next Monday:} 

Mexican Hot Chocolate & “Human Photography”

mexican hot chocolate (1 of 1)

<3 Cait

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