Pins & Needles: Inspirations & a Poll!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and I am super excited to finally do it. I love this post so much because it is all about visuals!

Growing up, I loved to color. The fact that I had a hard time finishing a coloring book page before moving on to the next one probably says something about me too…

I’ve turned to food photography as a  hobby and I think it might be the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Sure it’s challenging and the last thing I probably need is another goal to set but again, it’s the visual. It’s giving yourself dedicated time to be creative.

My favorite board is Food Photography I only pin photos here that I absolutely fall in love with it. I’m not surprised that it’s the board with the most pins! I am in awe of some of these photos and where a lot of my food photography inspiration and aspirations come from. Many of them make it to my computer’s desktop background. My husband gets to look at food every time he turns on the computer ;)

I’ve said it before, for me, Pinterest is the best form of procrastination since Facebook. Do I need to collect pins on my boards? No. However, I’m going to try to justify it by saying that a lot of my pins inspire and motivate me…to cook, bake, photograph, buy a new outfit, give my cat an extra big hug, decorate and even…organize! Who would have thought!

Now, I want to make a game out of it, because I could use some fun. Are you up for it?

At the bottom of this post, theres a poll :Which Pin would you repin? You can vote for more than 1! Results will be posted in 1 week! Also, if you click on the photo, you can repin it too!

1. Food Photography inspiration, styling, lighting, I just love everything about it! @ What Katie Ate

2. Macaron Inspiration. How Pretty is this? Obsessed. @Missie Ann’s Flickr

3. Cake Inspiration & A recipe to try asap (Thai Tea Cake with Creamed Coconut Frosting) from a fave blogger: @Eva – Adventures in Cooking

4. Photography tip Inspiration: Current Food Photography Styles and Trends: A Cake Case Study @Desserts for Breakfast

5. Smile Inspiration. The snack drawer, showing the ropes. Our cats do this! Seriously…how cute is this!?

6. Little Black Dress Inspiration

7. Style Icon Inspiration @Lauren Conrad

8. Bohemian Hair Inspiration, twisted pony @Dear Emmie

9. Glasses Inspiration…may be needing these soon, might as well make em cute!

10. Kitchen Inspiration, loving grey subway tiles!

11. Gift Inspiration: Paris in a Box @YOU Are My FAVE

12. Words of Inspiration <3

Okay, okay that’s enough for now! More pins to come next time on Pins & Needles.

Thanks for viewing & playing!

<3 Cait

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