Did I just meet Pioneer Woman?

I am extremely tired right now after last night’s adventure and working the night shift, so please forgive my rambling (more than usual), but I can’t wait to tell you what happened yesterday, plus I don’t want to forget any of the important details! This is my open diary too, afterall… The title of this post tells it all, I, Caitlin Jean Gaudette (Formerly Camelio) met Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, my favorite chef. I’m just going to come out and say it, and it’s not because I met her but because she’s my favorite.

It wasn’t an accidental thing, like Ree just happened to be walking down Cambridge St or something, but nonetheless it was pretty awesome. So here’s how it happened…but first, Since Thomas and I work opposite shifts, our cat (our son), Sniper is practically never alone, so I have this guilt about leaving him, but this was important and something I was really looking forward to – a night out with my mom. This is the face he gives me.

Thomas actually took this photo, but this is the face that I’m referring to. I wonder what he does when I am gone? Probably a lot of this:

The detail of Sniper’s tongue makes me want to just cry…I also wanted to tell you that a few nights ago, I woke up to boxes in my bed: my wishlist camera (Canon Rebel t2i) and lens (EF 50mm F/1.8), an early 10 year anniversary (since we’ve been dating) gift from my amazingly supportive husband. I was truly surprised because this was quite the investment, especially for my hobby…not even trying to be lovey or mushy, I just love that he thinks my food photography hobby is worth it. Studying cooking, baking, food photography and even blogging has been really fun for me, it truly has been food therapy <3

So getting back to the story, I put my old Canon in my bag and met my parents outside. My dad dropped my mom and I off at the  Brookline Booksmith, where Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman’s book signing would be taking place after her presentation at the Coolidge Corner Theater. Luckily, we already ordered tickets and just had to pick them up because they sold out very quickly. There were people EVERYWHERE, signs that said Pioneer Woman – SOLD OUT, EVERYWHERE. I was excited and on edge at the same time. I brought her first cookbook just in case…I was prepared for the worst. However, we found a stack of her new cookbook that just came out a couple of days before:

Since that went smoothly and I left the house right after waking up at 4:30pm, I needed caffeine and maybe a sweet. My mom thought it would be fun to try a new coffee shop since neither of us have been in this area, so we went into this cute, little, French coffee shop across the busy street and a few doors down from the theater. We both ordered their Paris blend coffee – my mom hot coffee, mine iced, pretty strong and really good. I couldn’t help myself, I ordered a crepe, one with brown sugar that was recommended. It was packed in there so I put the crepe in my purse and we walked to the theater. Little did I know that the goodness inside the crepe would spill into my purse later…but before the show and chaos began, I was able to take a bite, it was warm and delicious.

When we got to the theater, there were two lines – one line that looked much shorter than it actually was, a line for those that had tickets, like us and another line parallel to it for people in standby, just in case there were unclaimed tickets. I wonder if there were any by the looks of the crowd. There’s nothing more frightening than a crowd of fans, that happen to be women or should I say that the other way around? (Although, some women I met last night were very nice) I was yelled at  for “cutting” in line…this woman heard that I was looking for a way to get in line and she snapped and told me that the line went around the corner and she had been waiting in the cold for her spot. Public humiliation…I was mortified and am now traumatized. Funny thing was is that my mom proceeded to show me the end of the line anyways and we walked to it. That’s fine I thought, we’ve had tickets for awhile, plus the theater is quite large, so I wasn’t worried about it. Jeez. This is supposed to be fun, people!  It’s Pioneer Woman! It reminded me of the New Girl Thanksgiving episode when they are in line at Best Buy for  black friday and everyone starts accusing them of cutting, it made me laugh.

Despite being all the way around the corner in line, I still managed to find seats on the right of the stage, about 3 or 4 rows in and there were plenty of extra seats by the way…see? The theater filled up pretty quickly soon after. So my mom and I are talking, having a great time (despite the incident outside) since this was pretty fun, it was like being at a concert…the anticipation, you could feel it in the room! Then all of a sudden I look over to my right..like a foot away, “Mom, there she is!”

Just in case any of you out there reading will be at her book tour:


I won’t give any major details because I want you to be as surprised as I was, because it was awesome. She did a Power point featuring the different parts of her blog and now famous, website and how it came about:


Her husband -marlboro man,  her children and her other “child”, her basset hound, Charlie:


As well as becoming a food network chef! Go Ree! :@)


She was so modest about it but she truly is a natural entertainer. She was so funny, really. The audience loved her. Despite being an amazing, self-taught chef, the thing I admire most about her is that she is very down to earth. “Keepin’ it real” , as she says.

Before she even walked off the stage, some women made a mad dash to the rear exit…to get to the bookstore before all of us. It was so slick, it was like they planned it, trained for it. Okay, I’ll stop, they are probably wonderful people, but it was really funny at the time. So for approximately the next hour and a half we stood outside, in the freezing cold, in a line, that barely moved. It’s okay, I’m all about lines ;) My mom and I were freezing, I think my mom probably wanted to kill me right about then but she didn’t show it, she’s so good to me <3

There were a lot of children in line, so they started taking those with children first. Women were changing their infant’s diapers on the sidewalk. This was a serious event. Once we felt the warmth of the bookstore and I could see PW, I called my dad to pick us up. Little did we know, that the line looped around to the back of the store and back to the front…so that was another hour and a half…It was nice because we talked to some nice fans in line. After spending almost three hours in line with people,  you get friendly. We complained a little, laughed, started getting pretty hungry and looked at books that were on the trail.

The bookstore is pretty too, it’s one of those places that look straight out of a Boston movie – that little bookstore on the corner. I don’t make sense. My camera had no battery left (I forgot to check the battery life before I left so I took only a few photos that night), of course, right before I meet PW, so I informed the nice young guy that worked at the bookstore (I say this like I was older than him…), who kindly took photos for the customers with their cameras, that mine was dying, so he suggested taking the photo with Ree first, before she signed my cookbooks, which he did. Oh.my.goodness.it’s.PW. I know, I know, that “fanatic” line is a gray one.

He was so nice, that he took another. Luckily, since this is a weird action shot. She looked great, I loved her blouse. No wonder the line took so long, she really takes her time, no rush at all.

I introduced myself and told her, the first thing that came to my head, of all the recipes that I’ve tried so far that I’ve loved and not that she pretty much taught me how to cook from afar with her step-by-step photos, which I used to like to do myself when I baked last year before I found her blog, but yeah, I told her that I love her egg-in-the-hole. My post on it is here:


In her first cookbook, that she signed first, she saw the inscription message that my mom wrote me, that I love, when she gave me the book for my birthday, so I pointed to my mom and told Ree how my mom always cooked my eggs, so her recipe was the first time I ever made an egg  on my own and how it is so easy yet so delicious and buttery, and she thanked me, totally agreed and sweetly said, “I’m proud of you!” Aw. She signed my new cookbook as “Cait” (my first one says “Kate”, but it’s okay!) It really turned out to be a great night with my mom that I’ll never forget. Thanks, mom <3

Meanwhile, a police officer had my dad move his car, since he got there pretty early thanks to me so he had to park a block down. We walked around again in the dark, freezing night trying to find my dad, communicating with my brother who was on the other line with my dad so that we could all find eachother – it was like that game that you play in school when you whisper something in the person’s ear next to you and so forth until that original something gets changed to something entirely different…yeah, that’s how this conversation was. We spotted him and he drove away not seeing us, it was kind of funny, just a little bit. We finally caught up to him, back at the bookstore. I had just enough time to go through the Mcdonalds drive thru for a #1 and stop back at the apartment for my work stuff. I quickly ate that, although of course I prefer PW’s food! Then, Thomas took me to work. Wow, what an evening. Poor Sniper went on my bathrobe after I left, and made more faces, but he had his other best friend to keep him company, his dad, who hasn’t stopped taking photos of him with my camera since I opened it!


Almost, Pioneer Woman blogged today:

“Since I left the ranch five days ago—first New York, now Baaaahhhhhston—I’ve been eating seafood as if my life depended on it. I’m on a jag. Please send help before I start eating shrimp for breakfast.” She gives a delicious recipe after that: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/03/seafood-pasta/ Oh, thank you Ree.

She really inspired me to make some important changes to my blog, regarding an issue that I’ve been having about giving credit to author’s recipes, such as her for example, asking similar questions that That Wife asks in her blog:


Basically, about giving credit to the author of a recipe when you simply want to share it with others, with no intention of calling it your own. I have been crediting recipes all along of course, not only because it is ethical and college writing class sticks with you, but because I love to share with you guys these great chefs, but I was surprised to find out how technical this really gets, such as the – you can change 3 ingredients in a recipe to legally make it yours in order to post it rule…but what if I don’t want to change the recipe (because I am not a chef like Ree or a baker like Rosie), but just want to show you what it is that I cooked before I review it? Some people that commented on That Wife’s blog led me to David Lebovitz’ article regarding recipe attribution:


So I searched Pioneer Woman recipes and their photography on Foodgawker.com and although many of these food bloggers that got their photo accepted on Foodgawker (a link back to the photographer’s blog where they give the recipe is required for photo submission) also give the recipe (with credit to the author) sometimes verbatim with a link to the author’s original post or book on Amazon.com, which seems okay, so people do it, but according to David’s above article, it is not always appreciated by the original author, who can require theirs or their publisher’s permission to do so.


Have I confused you? If interested, I hope you looked at the links because I can’t explain it any better than that! I’ve confused myself already. Last night, Ree didn’t mention anything about recipe attribution, although I wish I asked, maybe that would have been better than egg-in-a-hole, just kidding, that was great,  but I’ve been doing some research on my own this week out of curiosity and I want to have the proper food blog etiquette as well as organization…and I think I’ve figured out a way to do both,  a new post style which you will see in my next post. Please feel free to let me know what you think! Ree’s right, just like photography, food blogging is a learning process. I hope you stick around to see, I’m learning.

That counts as “A Slice of Life”. Happy March :@) Thank you for reading.

<3 Cait

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